(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
adj. most, greatest, farthest, furthest; last, final; total, unlimited, full, complete. See completion, superiority.
(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Greatest]
Syn. ultimate, chief, entire, whole, full, unreserved, complete, unstinted, total, absolute, unlimited, unsparing, thorough, exhaustive, highest, maximum, most, top, plenary, undiminished, undivided, thoroughgoing, unmitigated, sheer, unqualified, unconditional, all-out*.
2. [Last]
Syn. farthest, most distant, final, last; see last 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) a.
1. greatest highest, maximum, maximal, most, uppermost, supreme, preeminent, best.
2. farthest most distant, outermost, extreme, last, remotest.
ANT.: 1. lowest, smallest, worst. 2. closest, nearest
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I adjective 1. Most distant or- remote, as from a center: extreme, farthermost, farthest, furthermost, furthest, outermost, outmost, ultimate, uttermost. See BIG, EDGE. 2. Of the greatest possible degree, quality, or intensity: extreme, supreme, transcendent, ultimate, unsurpassable, uttermost. See BETTER, BIG. 3. Greatest in quantity or highest in degree that has been or can be attained: maximal, maximum, top, topmost, ultimate, uttermost. See HIGH, LIMITED. II noun The greatest quantity or highest degree attainable: maximum, outside, top, ultimate, uttermost. Idiom: ne plus ultra. See HIGH, LIMITED.

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